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The BizVault Story

BizVault was established in 2010 to Provide IT Architecture, Planning Services alongside Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services. As with every business, we have evolved so we can provide a greater number of services to our customers without sacrificing our service or attention to detail.


We work closely with you and your business to understand how your business works and how to align technology to meet your business rather than changing your business to meet the needs of technology.​

How Can We Help?

We understand that every business is different and the needs of each business is different so we are happy to sit down with business owners to work out what technology and tools are right for your business.

Our aim is to help improve and simplify how our customers work while also saving them money. We place a lot of emphasis on getting you the right solution for the lowest possible price.

We can provide all levels of service from IT support that you only pay for when you use it, to managed services where you sit back and we look after your entire IT for you.

We try to keep our offerings as simple and flexible as possible so we can align IT with your needs.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email.

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